Flat Top Semi-Trailers

Our flat-top semi-trailers offer operators the utmost versatility and safety.

Designed and built using high tensile steel and state of the art technology, our semi-trailers are manufactured to withstand even the harshest WA conditions.

Available in a selection of configurations and sizes depending on your operating needs, All TSE Flat Tops are of a high-quality working condition, with consistent maintenance and up-to-date road-worthy certification.

Features and Benefits

  • High tensile steel is extensively used through the body of the structure providing maximum strength and long-term resilience.
  • Tight cross member spacing delivers extra strength and durability.
  • Built-in, heavy-duty toolbox provides additional storage space for spare equipment and is available in a variety of sizes depending on individual requirements.
  • Custom manufacturing delivers special customised configurations depending on individual requirements.
  • Prime coated frame prior to sand-blasting creates an ideal bond and long-lasting finish.
  • Additional components and customisable options are available upon request to suit your needs.

SE provides leading-edge logistical solutions, full customer service and ongoing support wherever needed!