Drop Deck Semi Trailer in Perth – WA

For operations when you’re transporting big loads on the tough roads – or for those looking to maximise cubic capacity – then TSE Drop Deck Semi-Trailers are for you.

The Drop Deck Semi-Trailer assures maximum operational efficiency and productivity. Features can include a full set of twist locks and hydraulic ramps at its rear, and depending on your freight requirements, the trailer can be engineered to optimise capacity on both the upper and lower decks. 

For maximum operational strength and resilience, consider a TSE Drop Deck Semi-Trailer.

Features and Benefits

  • Stronger cross members provide maximum strength and increased durability
  • High-quality steel is extensively used through the body of the structure 
  • Maximum strength and long-term resilience
  • Prime coated frame prior to sand-blasting creates an ideal bond and long-lasting finish
  • Additional components and customisable options are available upon request to suit your needs

Whether you want an extendable drop deck, a deck widener, or something more custom-made – we’ve got what you are looking for!